Generations of Passenger Planes

  1.   The De Havilland Comet was the first passenger jet powered plane in 1954 to enter service. It tragically experienced two fatal accidents due to a design problem when flying at altitude, due to pressurisation. When the design was rectified in it 1958 it commenced a scheduled service between London and New York with a journey time of eleven hours, refuelling in Newfounderland (49:56 Mins)
  2. Concorde entered service in 1970. It was the first and only passenger plane to provide a scheduled supersonic service. Unfortunately the service was withdrawn for economic reasons. (58:18 Mins)
  3. The Boeing 747 entered service in 1970 and continued to provide an excellent service for 37 years, at which time it was being phased out. Mainly because the technology was expensive to maintain. (04:38 Mins)
  4. Investigation into the Boeing 787 Dreamliner development. It is recognise that it incorporates new revolutionary technology in particular for batteries and airframe. The plane is in service with all the major airlines. (48:22 Mins)
  5. Once the Boeing 787 problems had been resolved, it has gone from strength to strength as demonstrated at the Paris Air Show in 2015. (05:30 Mins)
  6. The Airbus 380-800 was the largest passenger plane ever built capable of carrying 525 passengers dependent upon configuration. (50:08 Mins)
  7. The Boeing 747-8 is a competitor with the Airbus 380 capable of carrying in excess of 500 passengers dependent upon configuration. (44:59 Mins)  


  1. Skylon Sabre Engine. UK invest £60m $90m (1:21 Mins)
  2. Skylon space plane pre cooler engine test (2:11 Mins)
  3. Skylon SABRE Engine(3.21 Mins)
  4. Skylon Lecture by : Alan Bond on 3rd March 2014 (1 Hr 21:25 Mins)
  5. Skylon Animation (6:45 Mins)
  6. Skylon. The Key To Economic Access To Space (26:16 Mins)
  7. BAE Systems and Reaction Engines to develop a ground breaking new aerospace engine (2:31 Mins)
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