Engineering req’d to put a satellite into orbit

  1. Lecture to the Academy of Engineering by Dr Sir M.Sweeting Director(1Hr :30:34 Mins)
  2. Project History by Dr Sweeting Director & Dr Underwood Deputy Director (7.31 Mins)
  3. Micro Nano Satellite Revolution (44:68 Mins)
  4. Surrey Space Centre (1:31 Mins)
  5. Inter. Space Stn. (ISS) Schedule to View over London Today + 14
  6. Position of the International Space Station Location
  7. Russian Engineer Topping up oxygen supplies to ISS (03:00 Mins)
  8. Soyuz transporter Launch sequence explained (11:29 Mins)
  9. Tour of the ISS with a Dutch Physician & Astronaut (11:30 Mins)
  10. Tour of the ISS with a American Astronaut (25:04 Mins)
  11. Space Shuttle Documentary (1Hr 20:43 Mins)
  12. Atlantis docking with ISS (55:33 Mins)
  13. An inside view of Shuttle Atlantis (5:39 Mins)
  14. Atlantis transporting modules and assembling on ISS (18:18 Mins)
  15. Atlantis launch and return of Atlantis(19:34Mins)
  16. NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Mission(43:03Mins)
  17. Full Cockpit launch + Crew Audio(42:04 Mins)
  18. The challenge of Re-Entry (08:38 Mins)
  19. Soyuz undocking, Re-Entering & Landing explained (20:46 Mins)
  20. Past, Present Satellite Research & Technology


  1. Before the International Space Station, their were a number of research missions to venture outside of the earths orbit. On one occasion the astronauts had a breakdown in their communications, that resulted in the astronauts having to manually control their satellite’s return to the Earths Orbit. A video of the whole journey has been recorded.
  2. A Video of the whole satellite journey control from the launch to their safe return to the Earths orbit (45:44 Mins)
  3. Wernher von Braun: his story told. “Missile to Moon”(45:16Mins)
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